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Student Research Using a Research Journal

Are your students becoming less and less engaged? Are they submitting work out of compliance? Are you becoming less and less interested in the work you ask of them? It's ok. This happens to all teachers, and I am here to share some ideas with you!

When you are reading for pleasure or researching, do you enjoy it when someone tells you what to read and what to research? Would you enjoy it more if you had the freedom to choose? Our students are the same way! To make their learning meaningful and engaging, we have to tap into their interests and give them some freedom!

Student research, using a research journal, can give them this freedom and excitement. Students can use this research journal to collect their facts while practicing those reading skills as they research, and writing skills as they record their facts.

In my kindergarten class, we have student research time. During this time, students are given a mini-lesson to model how we research. I model how to use EPIC and Pebble Go to find information regarding our topic. I love these two resources because it can read books aloud to students.

We begin by brainstorming topics we are interested in. These can range from animals, places, airplanes, flowers, and more! You could easily record a mini lesson for each part of this student research to help during our distance learning! Once my students have chosen a topic to research, they type their topic into EPIC or Pebble Go. This begins their student research.

Once they have chosen their student research topic, I model how to pause the book and record what we heard. This is when they record their fact into their research journal. They continue this process until they have 3 new facts written in their research journal. There is also a page for them to draw a picture that matches their topic. We spend a lot of time working on adding colors, details, and labels! All important kindergarten skills. Below is an example of a students research on the basketball player, Steph Curry.

Our student research time is my students favorite time of the day. They enjoy their freedom, and learning things that interest them! Once they are finished, we discuss ways they can share their learning. One final product they enjoy creating with is Adobe Spark Post. Check out one of my students final products.

Are you ready to give your students more freedom? I'm here to help! Enjoy this freebie to get yourself started!

Click here to receive your freebie!

Click here for the Student Research Bundle that includes, black and white, color options, and different ways to collect their research.

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