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Connecting through Podcasting

From conversations on my podcast, I've learned a lot. Mostly that every single person's story needs to be heard. We need to take time to hear others' story. The more connections we make and stories we hear, the more perspectives, ideas, and life we get to share together.

This summer, I read Brene Brown's 'Dare to Lead'. This book covers all aspects of life. Her words truly inspired me dive into what is most important, which includes how to work well and respectfully challenge others. After pondering for a time, I discovered that I value connections and trust. This wasn't a surprise, but made me really think about what I value most.

Brene Brown talks about trust being a cumulative collection of very small moments. That trust grows over time and requires work, attention, and full engagement. Once trust has been built with those in relationship with me, you're in my circle. I'm loyal to you, and I trust you.

That's what I love about connecting with others. I get to see into their world, their personal story, and start to build upon those small moments.

This past few weeks, I've been able to virtually meet and hear the stories of Rae Hughart, Chad Ostrowski, and Tiffany Ott. Three of the four members of the Teacher Better Team. Don't worry, I'm virtually meeting the 4th member soon, Jeff Gargas!! EEKK, I'm so excited! After each one of our podcast recordings, I was left with renewed vigor. Their stories were enjoyable and I learned from them. I gained new ideas, which gives me energy and excitement. And I was also able to connect them with other educators, which is the best part!

This is why I record podcasts. This is also why I love listening to podcasts. Connecting educators to new ideas, new people, and a new way to teach better is 'my why'. The saying that helped push me further and think differently continues to come to mind. 'Once you know better, do better.' Each time I listen to a podcast or record a podcast, I get introduced to something better.

Yesterday, I listened to Matt Miller on the Reimagine Schools podcast with Dr. Greg Goins. Matt Miller had so many amazing insights on technology and ways we can integrate it and share out how we're using tech in our classrooms. He gave me the idea to start a podcast with my class. What parent doesn't want to listen to their child share something they love or are excited about? We need to share their voices with the world, and audio is on the rise!

Today, I listened to AJ Juliani on Reimagine Schools Podcast with Dr. Greg Goins. AJ Juliani spoke about how today's students are different than the students 5, 10, and 20+ years ago. Yes, I hear this statement often, but I have never heard someone so eloquently state why kids are the way they are now. It truly put a new perspective in place for me.

"When I first started teaching, I got my students attention through necessity.... Now we have this big attention battle...Typically now, these kids have that device in front of them... in order for us to learn, we have to pay attention. We often lose the battle before we even start, if we keep on trying to get their attention through necessity, and don't tap into interests, relevance, passions, purpose, and meaning." - AJ Juliani

Podcasting allows me to meet other amazing educators, share their stories and awesomeness with others. Podcasting gives me connection and builds on those small moments to gain trust. Two of my most important values get filled when I podcast. That's a good reason to do something, right?

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