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Connection. I need it. You need it. I believe we are made to connect with others. We thrive when we connect with others. We get encouragement from others and grow with others. We support and lift others up. And we are supported and others lift us up.

I have connected with so many new people this year. It is exhilarating! It's given me a spark to continue to meet new people and try new things. I have connected through social media, meetings, church, and school. You name it.

But I am an introvert. I like my alone time. I get re-energized when I am able to just be by myself. At work, I like to focus and get my work done. In the early mornings, I can be found in my classroom preparing for day. Not talking to others, but working. It's my time to get it all done. But, I've noticed how this can have drawbacks. I don't get to know the ins and outs of peoples' lives. What they love to do. Their happy moments and sad moments. Their praises and concerns. Their challenges or areas they're growing.

Just this week, I connected with a colleague by simply walking into her room after school. Not only did we get caught up on our day and life, but this sparked some amazing ideas. I found a new way to use 'flipgrid'. To gauge feedback and conference with students. A visual to help my students know where they can go to research. I just walked into her room. It was simple. Anyone else need to do this more?

Also, I met a teacher this summer and have gotten to know her better throughout the year. She is great with integrating technology in her classroom and posing questions that make me think deeper. These two areas are valuable as I continue to grow as an educator. She also is allowing me to use a new tech tool for my schools 'STEAM Night' coming up. This saves me TONS of money and time for not having to create a new project or come up with a forced idea for this night due to lack of time. Although this seems like a superficial friendship, which I promise it is not, we need people like this. We need people to share information and invest in others. To just simply be kind and generous.

This year has shown me that I need to continue to connect more with the people in my life. When I've connected with others this year, I have gained insight and deeper relationships. If I didn't connect with these two teachers, and the handfuls of others, I wouldn't receive amazing ideas, people to push me, or ways to collaborate and share. What can you do tomorrow or next week to conenct with someone?

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