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This Is Not Just a Teaching Movement

Project Based Learning. This is not just a teaching movement or the next 'new' thing. Project based learning (PBL) is how we function as adults in our jobs. We see a problem, we find ways to solve the problem, and we share/present/fix the problem. Why would we NOT help our students navigate through this process to best prepare them for their future?

Watch this short video to learn more on Project Based Learning: click here

Last year, I did a PBL project with a good friend. She helped navigate me through the process, and the end results were amazing! If you can, do a project with another teacher. It's always helpful to have someone else to bounce ideas off of, collaborate when you run into problems, and to celebrate together. Our project led us to indoor and outdoor bee hives! It is SO cool! The students were so excited to see their hard work pay off. They organized a ribbon cutting ceremony, they made posters to show the process we went through. Each and every step was owned by them. The students couldn't wait to work more on this project. They were invested, engaged, and they guided our learning.

This is the type of work that needs to be in your classroom. This is the type of learning your students deserve and will appreciate. This type of learning has a far greater impact on your students than memorization, test scores, and getting fed information. You can make your content and standards fit into your students interests. It takes work and intentional planning, but it's worth it.

I have begun more projects with my class this year than I ever have. Some are small, some are more extensive. Some are student led, some are PBL. Either way, I am following my students lead and interests. That's what project based learning is all about. The enthusiasm, excitement, curiosity, questioning, and engagement is through the roof! My students work on projects during their free time. They send me pictures of these projects that they work on at home. They randomly share their projects with those that come into our classroom and around the school. Their passion is contagious and they push me to continue to let them lead.

Does this all sound great, but you're not sure where to start? I have the perfect solution for you. Hack Learning and The Buck Institute are offering a free mini PBL course. I would love to have you join this virtual mini course. Dates, times, and course content coming soon!

FREEBIE- Project Based Learning outline/framework

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